Election Results
August 2, 2016
    The unofficial vote totals are in from Tuesday's election and the
numbers are as follows:

New Sales Tax For Pool Passes:
        Yes 257         No 162

For US Senate:
       Moran     1076 (R)
       Smith       170 (R)
       Wiesner     53 (D)
       Singh         25 (D)

US Rep., 1st District:
       Marshall     627 (R)
       Huelskamp     599 (R)
       Jeff Werner       1 write-in (D)

KS Senate, 36 District:
       Bowers     1002 (R)
       Angevine     67  (D)

KS Rep., 110th District:
       Rahjes        1044 (R)
       Danielle Wells     1 write-in (D)

District Judge---23-1:
       Bittel    919 (R)
       Eric Wells    1 write-in  (D)

District Judge---23-2:
       Eric Wells, Douglas Bigge, Paul Newman, Mickey Mouse and
Kay Ross (R) all received one write-in vote
       Braun (D)  87

Magistrate Judge:
       Bigge (R)    1115

Rooks County Commissioner, Dist 2:
       Ruder (R)   306

Rooks County Commissioner, Dist 3:
       Hagan (R)    338
       Don Benoit (D)   1 write-in

County Clerk:
       Muir (R)    1128

County Treasurer:
       Northup (R)    1147
       Dena Bouchey  1 write-in

County Register of Deeds:
       Sprick (R)   982
       Jeff Werner (D)    1 write-in

County Attorney:
       Muir (R)    1085
       Pat Bruna (D)   1 write-in

County Sheriff:
       Knight (R)     1135   

Remember, these totals are unofficial until the votes are canvassed
by the county commissioners.